Get To Know The Types Of Vinyl And Ceramic Floors

Many people think that cleaning the floor using only a broom and a mop is enough. But this thinking is not entirely correct. In carrying out floor maintenance, you also need to know about the type of floor and the techniques that need to be used in carrying out floor maintenance. Because each type of floor has a different technique in cleaning it. If you don’t know the right way to clean the floor, we suggest you use a professional service such as carpet cleaning price so that all dirt and stains on the floor can be cleaned to the maximum. But if in this case, you want to know tips on cleaning vinyl and ceramic floor types, then you can see the detailed explanation below.

The first is the type of vinyl flooring. This floor includes floors that have waterproof properties. However, this does not mean that you who have this type of vinyl floor at home do not need to take care of your floor. This is wrong thinking. Where this will make you need to do extra care so as not to make your floor undamaged. The method of cleaning the vinyl floor can be done using a broom or vacuum cleaner, which will be enough to lift the dirt on the floor surface. In the next step, you can do the mopping. At this stage, you can use special cleaning fluid for vinyl floors. In addition, in carrying out maintenance on vinyl floors, you need to make sure that the floor is always dry and not damp.

The second is the floor with the type of ceramics. This is one of the easiest to maintain when compared to other types of flooring. Here, you just need to clean it regularly, at least do it every day.

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