Pregnancy Treatment

Many assumptions develop in the community that certain foods or drinks can increase fertility, of course, it can’t be done without the help of a pregnancy miracle. Each of these cases has its treatment. So it can’t be categorized as immediately treatable by eating honey, or other fertilizing drugs. For women, honey is not a miracle cure. If the cause of difficulty conceiving in women is a fallopian tube factor, of course, this cannot be overcome by drinking honey alone.

As for the case of PCOS, consumption of sweet foods can exacerbate the PCOS problem. Instead of curing, it worsens the disease and eventually makes it difficult to get pregnant. Meanwhile, special milk for pregnant programs is also not needed. The reason is, this will only enter unnecessary nutrients and calories into a woman’s body. As a result, women are at risk of obesity and make it more difficult to get pregnant.

The milk for pregnancy program does not make a woman pregnant faster, but only prepares a woman for pregnancy. The use of milk for pregnancy programs is not mandatory. WHO recommendation is sufficient consumption of vitamin folic acid 400 mcg per day since 3 months before pregnancy.

Before determining the type of fertility treatment or pregnancy program that is carried out, it is necessary to first ascertain what is the cause of the difficulty in getting pregnant. The reason is, difficulty getting pregnant is not a disease, but a condition caused by disease. Well, this disease must be found out first.

First, make sure the fertility level of husband and wife. Fertility tests on men are carried out through sperm examination which can only be done in a laboratory that has WHO standards. Meanwhile, the women will pass several examinations, namely examination of anatomical abnormalities (a form of uterine organs) with transvaginal ultrasound, examination of functional abnormalities with serial ultrasound, and other examinations.

Therefore, the pregnancy program that you will take is indeed based on the causes and conditions of each. So, you can’t necessarily exercise to control your weight if it turns out that the problem lies in the condition of your husband’s sperm. Likewise, if the problem lies in the fallopian tubes, then this cannot be solved simply by drinking honey.

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